Armadillidae sp. - Choco Drizzle Guadeloupe

This one-of-a-kind species was first discovered by Enthomofarma, with the first captive-bred individuals made available sometime in 2021 under the name “Pseudarmadillo sp. Guadeloupe”. Since then, it has been identified as a member of Armadillidae but without any well-matched genus.

The name “Choco Drizzle” is actually short for a longer name made as a joke for this species in a WhatsApp group due to the lack of a better name — “Melty Choco Drizzle Spiked Death Magma Dragon”.

There have been many arguments regarding this common name as the one who discovered this species hated it. Unfortunately, even after countless serious (and non-serious) discussions to find a better matching name, there hasn’t been any better candidate to replace it. The arguments got so frequent that it should have been made into a documentary.

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