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Isopod Anatomy

Isopods are relatively poorly studied compared to other invertebrates. This leads to many misidentified species in the isopod keeping hobby. Isopod Site aims to give an introduction to proper isopod identification and this starts from understanding the basic anatomy of isopods.

Isopod Anatomy
Porcellio echinatus
Porcellio echinatus


Isopods are identified by referencing peer-reviewed scientific literature rather than relying on superficial similarities. This is the recommended way for any identification of wildlife.


A lot of time went into photographing the isopods on this website with the aim of documenting the key characters of each species.

Isopods as Pets

Isopods are considerably low-maintenance pets. It is getting increasingly popular so this site aims to include common topics related to isopod-keeping.

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Taxonomic Discussions

If you see any incorrect identifications, please feel free to contact me. The placements are obviously not perfect as they were based on photos alone, so I would be more than happy to go into a deeper discussion on this.

Selective Breeding for Isopod Morphs

For advanced isopod keepers, selective breeding is an important part of the hobby. Occasionally, a unique morph may occur in the colony's offspring. These individuals with unique traits may then be separated from the main colony to boost that trait in a new lineage.

Selective Breeding
"Merulanella" sp. "Ember Bee"
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Macro Photography

Most photos were taken with an Olympus E-M10 mark 4, Laowa 50mm 2:1 and a single flash with a DIY diffuser. A lot of time and money goes into photographing the isopods so all photos are copyrighted. Copyright agents will automatically detect usage on social media and websites before taking legal action for any unauthorised use. It is nothing personal! Please refrain from using or uploading any photo from this site without permission.

Laureola sp. Ivory Spiky