Isopod Photo and Knowledge Repository

There are very few sites on terrestrial isopods, their taxonomy, biology and husbandry, much less a collection of good-quality photos of each species known to us. Isopod Site was created for the layman, isopod enthusiast as well as isopod taxonomists and behaviorists.


Many isopod names were created by hobbyists and poachers. We have used them in quotes so that it would be easier to locate the respective pages. Some unconfirmed genus placements that have yet to be corrected are also displayed in quotes. For example "Cubaris" sp. "Amber Ducky". Some names were also made up in jest due to the lack of a trade name that everyone could agree on. e.g. Armadillidae gen. sp. "Choco Drizzle".


We do not do any sales of isopods nor accessories and supplies, but may occasionally redirect to online shops that sell them where appropriate.


Most photos on this site were made possible by visiting isopod breeders to photograph their collection, as well as from sightings in the wild. Biggest thanks to Isopods of Singapore, isewpods and live_vine for letting us document their collections!

Many identifications were also made with help and consult from Giorgios Agakapis, Philipp Byzov, Nathan Jones, Grant Wang, Matteo Ganz, and several others.

Armadillidae "Choco Drizzle"