Compared to other invertebrate taxa, terrestrial isopods are considerably understudied, especially those from the oriental regions. This led to the proliferation of incorrect identification of newly discovered species from popular isopod sources like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Most of them are grouped under “Cubaris” or “Merulanella” and are likely to belong to other genera.

On this site, the common trade names are still used when the genus cannot be determined, but the incorrect genus would be in quotes. For example, “Cubaris” sp. “Rubber Ducky” would mean that this species is commonly traded as Cubaris Rubber Ducky, but is probably not a Cubaris.

When only the family name is used succeeded by “gen. sp.”, it means that the genus has yet to be determined. e.g. Armadillidae gen. sp. “Shiny Gator”.


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